Thursday evening

Andre' Kesteloot
Sun, 05 Sep 1999 09:06:06 -0400

Hello Taco-istas,

As detailed by WB5MMB in another message, yesterday 04 September the
Antenna Department of AMRAD (consisting of Paul W4RI, Glenn KA0ESA,
Bob WA3WDR , Andre' N4ICK, Sandy WB5MMB, Frank K0BRA) stretched a
1,600 foot long wire on the property of Ted AA4GM.

The wire was strung from one tree to the next.

To create an "earth bipole", one end of the wire was connected to the
metal casing of a water well, (which goes down some 250 feet in shale
ground) while the other end is connected to a rod driven into a pond

We can of course disconnect the grounds, and use the antenna as a long
wire, etc.

Our next AMRAD meeting is scheduled for this coming Thursday. May I
suggest that we spend at least some time discussing both the
adventure, the results obtained so far and where we want to go ?

In preparation for that discussion, an excellent starting point would
be the article by G0AKN which was published in the AMRAD Newsletter
for Jan-Feb 1999 ("A Dielectric antenna for LF?").

Meanwhile, should I find some additional material from G0AKN, I shall
forward it to this reflector.

See you this Thursday

Andre' N4ICK