DSP memory part II

Terry Fox tfox@erols.com
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 10:50:52 -0400

Looked at Avnet (while ordering the Analog Devices $50 evaluation
board), they have several MCM6206 chips at about $3 per chip for 12nsec
device.  I will verify timing, and order some.  There is a price break
at 26 units, I think.

Again, the 6206 is a 32kx8 chio, we will need four chips on the TI.  I
suggest we get atleast four per board, including for the AMRAD boards.
Is this OK Paul (about $25 if the pricing is right)?

Tacoistas, I sent an earlier message to Rob that I looked for the memory
chip that Motorola uses on their 56002 Evaluation board.  It is a
Motorola MCM-6206, which is 32kX8, surface mount, but easy to solder
down.  I was having a hard time finding a source, but Avnet lists them.
We will need either 4 chips for 32k words total, or 8 chips for 64k

I will also look for a 64k piece, but haven't found one yet.