Magellan OEM 5000

Alberto di Bene
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:14:57 +0200

I found at a local ham fair a Magellan OEM 5000 naked board,
sold as new, with only a scant sheet of paper describing some
pin<->signal correspondence.
My question is : is this board any good for building with it a reference
signal generator ? Someone told me it has a 1 kHz output, which,
if true, could be used to lock a Xtal oscillator, which in turn could serve
as a clock for a DDS. This should be a stable signal generator, theoretically
as stable as the rubidium-controlled signal transmitted by the GPS satellites.

Any thoughts on this ? Any source of info for the Magellan OEM 5000 ?
Thanks in advance,

Alberto,  I2PHD