Data Transmissions over power lines

Andre' Kesteloot
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 08:00:58 -0400

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> >The following from Electronics Weekly September 15th may be of interest.
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> >Nortel networks and United Utilities have decided to disband NOR.WEB their
> >jointly-owned Internet-
> >over-the-mains company. "The decision has been made to close the the joint
> >venture even though the technology is robust and well proven", said Kate
> >Thompson, NOR-WEB's director of marketing programmes.
> > Launched two years ago, the company developed its digital powerline
> >technology which used electricity substations to modulate data onto the
> >mains. This provided homes and businesses connected to the substation with
> >1Mbit/s links for Internet access
> > When the company first launched the technology it announced services would
> >start a year ago. However
> > deployment of the technology suffered a years delay. The result of the
> >delay has been increased competion from broadband technologies such as
> >digital subscriber line (DSL) and cabel modems, and ultimately the
> >venture's closure. "The projected volumes for digital powerline, with the
> >roll out of xDSL and cable, are not significant enough," explained
> >Thompson.
> > This is despite the successful completion in May of a technology trial in
> >Manchester involving 70 homes, a school and small businesses. In turn the
> >technology has also been tested by power utilities in Germany
> >and Sweden.
> > No redundancies are expected. There are no plans to use the technology in
> >other applications. "The two
> >companies still own the patents but there are no current plans at present,"
> >said Thompson.
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