vertical vs horizontal in LF

Andre' Kesteloot
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 22:02:09 -0400

Christer Andersson wrote:

> I just worked SM4DHN, Lars-Bertil in Hagfors, on 136.5.
> Lars-Bertil uses a 400W PA and a T-antenna.
> My new 26,5 m vertical seems to work fine. Reception improved by 10-15 dB compared to a 240 m longwire.
> I have removed the top coil and now only have 6 wires, 15 m each, as top load. Loading coil at the base + variometer in the shack.
> Just measured the feed impedance which is 39,5 Ohm. The earth connection consists of a dia. 110 mm steel tube for the water system, 6-8 meters down in the earth.
> 73/Christer, sm6pxj