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Dave Sergeant wrote:

> >From Dave G3YMC
> Comments on recent e-mails.
> 1.  I cannot comment at all on the ARD receiver, never having seen one.  However I would agree with the statement that a 500Hz filter is too wide.  I have been using a 350Hz filter on hf for years and accept its higher loss.  On hf it is the accepted norm, on 136 we need the filter as narrow as we can get it.  I can understand those who have a quick listen on the band with a ssb filter - with DCF39 it is not surprising they hear no amateur signals and quickly lose interest.
> 2.  I am always on the band listening fo QSOs between 0530-0630z.  Apart from one or two regulars there seems to be little activity at that time, even at weekends.  Can I remind all that this is an excellent time for lower band noise levels.
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