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TK Wood
Mon, 11 Oct 99 15:10:57 -0400

Please check out .   This is Dr. T.S. Kelso's website for satellite tracking software and keplerian data.   He even has a section (kep file) dedicated to visible satellites.   

You might also want to check out . There are links to "Iridium Flash" websites, the 15-second blast of light caused by the Sun gleaming off the Iridium's solar array.

I used Dr. Kelso's data to identify a bright Meteo (weather) satellite one evening.  BTW, Dr. Kelso is the Vice Commandant at AFIT and has been present for talks at several Dayton forums.  Check out his bio.

Tracy Wood
K7UO/4 Sterling VA

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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:13:01 -0400

>Taco Friends,
>I have a friend who works with the science/space program at a Dayton School.