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Here is an interesting site http://mavin.com/slickitems.html for hardware
and project items.  The message below appeared on the antennas reflector.

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To Robert, K6KDX (and all interested parties...),

Before embarking on the QST project (which can be fun!), take a look at
http://mavin.com/slickitems.html.  There's an OEM GPS receiver board and
antenna that's brand new for $20.  You need to do some homework to get it
working, but the site includes links and project notes.  Many people have
gotten this thing to work and have decoded the GPS information generated by
the module.  If anything, it's worth the $20 for the GPS antenna.

I bought one of these "kits" from the TRW swapmeet a few months back just to
get the antenna.  I haven't seen any specs on it, but it looks like an
ordinary flat (relatively) GPS antenna ala Garmin GA-26/28.  Haven't had a
chance to test it out yet on my GPS-III+ (thank you Garmin for the $100
upgrade!) because of the custom connectors.  I just recently purchased some
BNC connectors for RG-174 sized cable and I'm about to replace the connector
on the antenna.  I don't forsee any problems unless the antenna is passive,
in which case I'll need to block the DC from the GPS-III+ antenna port.
I'll report back when I finish the connector replacement.

If you're into projects, browse the rest of the ElectroMavin site.  It's a
great resource for tinkerers.


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