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Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
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You might try Auto-Call, the monthly magazine of the Foundation for Amateur
Radio. They have "shack sales" for the Washington area. Subscriptions are
$8/year, check payable to "Foundation for Amateur Radio" PO Box 7612, Falls
Church, VA 22040. Or for a single copy I think you could call John
Swafford, W4HU, 703 536 9537.

Paul Rinaldo, W4RI
President, AMRAD

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>> Hi Randall...
>> I located you via the ARRL Affiliated Club Records.
>> Back in 1963 I was a "ham" --- K7UPV --- unfortunately I let it all go and
>> now ---- 36 yrs later I'm interested again...especially in getting a
>> back and getting back on the air via CW.  I have torn through web pages,
>> catalogues and stores yet cannot find a source of good recievers that I
>> acquire (albeit NOT at $500+ ++  !!) to start listening again and getting
>> code speed up.  I would like something in the $100-$200 range).
>> Can you put me to a source of used equipment?  Are there places in the
>> Washington, DC area that you might suggest?  (I live in Fairfax Station
>> work in DC). If there are club listings or people that have used equipment
>> that would be helpful.
>> Thanx for your help...
>> Bob Breazeale