Transatlantic reception

Andre' Kesteloot
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 12:45:56 -0400

Walter Blanchard wrote:

> The frequency is getting away a bit from 136 but twice in the last week,
> around 0400-0600Z, I decoded the Cape Race, NFLD, differential GPS
> transmitter on 315 kHz (3802 kms).  I leave the DGPS receiver running on
> the channel overnight and record data every 30 seconds so I don't have to
> stay up all night. Another DGPS station, in Iceland (Reykjanes, 292.5 kHz,
> 1916 kms) comes in all night  from 2200-0800. These are only 10W erp
> stations using MSK 100 Bd.
> Last year, in December, I several times received and decoded successfully
> the US Coastguard NAVTEX station at Miami, Florida (7110 kms). It operates
> on 518 kHz so perhaps it doesn't count, but it's only a 50w station.
> Incidentally, the Decca Green stations of the Bothnian Gulf chains (roughly
> 1600 kms) are trackable on my Decca receiver here most of the day as well
> as all night. They're on 127.5 kHz or so and are about 40w erp.
> It would be excellent if we could be advised of when CFH will be on the air
> and even better if it could radiate standard  DGPS data so I could use my
> automatic monitor!!
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