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Subject: Vintage Radio Show On The Air!
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 18:45:53 PDT
From: "Dennis Gazak" <n3dg@hotmail.com>
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>>Starting this Saturday evening at 7:30 Eastern Daylight Time (2330Z) a
>>new weekly radio show will debut on WBCQ The Planet which broadcasts
>>on 7415 Kilocycles.  It will focus on tube-type radio communication
>>equipment discussions, interviews, guests, tapes from the past, ham
>>radio music & folklore, great tunes from the 70s and 80s, the odd
>>commercial and just plain fun.  In other words, we're gonna play
>>The new program is called REAL RADIO.  Mr Mike, W1RC and The Timtron,
>>WA1HLR are the show hosts.
>>This week's program will feature some very important news that is sure
>>to be of great interest to everyone interested in military and
>>government radio equipment.  Also featured will be a special surprise
>>guest.  Mark your calendar and don't miss it!
>>We actively encourage input from you the shortwave listener.  A
>>special e-mail address has been set up to receive correspondence -
>>RealRadio@usa.net! A .mp3 version of each program will eventually be
>>posted to a suitable Internet Newsgroup or Web site for downloading.
>>See ya!
>>MrMike, W1RC
>>The Timtron, WA1HLR

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