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TK Wood tkwood@pressroom.com
Sat, 30 Oct 99 11:38:21 -0400

Yes!  This is a great show.   The hosts are RF vacuum tube junkies.   Tim Trom is the CE at the 50kw WBCQ shortwave station in Maine and just put a second one up near Wilmington NC (9370 WTJC).

They will be repeating their initial shows in early November.   'BCQ is normally a religious/brokered radio station on weekdays but gets pretty bizarre on weekends.  Check out theplanet.wbcq.net for their entire schedule.

Tracy K7UO
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>>>Starting this Saturday evening at 7:30 Eastern Daylight Time (2330Z) a
>>>new weekly radio show will debut on WBCQ The Planet which broadcasts
>>>on 7415 Kilocycles.  It will focus on tube-type radio communication
>>>equipment discussions, interviews, guests, tapes from the past, ham
>>>radio music & folklore, great tunes from the 70s and 80s, the odd
>>>commercial and just plain fun.  In other words, we're gonna play