Need Car Repair Info

David Rogers
Mon, 01 Nov 1999 14:09:12 -0500

I need to get some minor car repairs
within the next week before I begin work
(and commuting).  The repairs are new
valve covers and gaskets, sending
switches, and possibly a pan gasket.
The gas station I have used recently,
and which supposedly repaired some of
this stuff, has been unwilling (or just
may be totally incompetent and
incapable) of dealing with these
problems.  I am looking for someplace
which someone can recommend, someplace
that charges a fair price and will do
the work competently.  I do not have the
knowledge or time to do it myself.
I also need to replace my radiator
eventually, preferably before really
cold weather.  Anyone with any ideas as
to a competent radiator shop?

Would appreciate any input anyone may
have; I need to get this stuff done
within the next few days.
73 de Dave (K9KRH)