Tuesday Channel 26

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Yes, I am all set to tape it this week.  
There is also an excellent book on the subject entitled:  

"Seizing the Enigma" by David Kahn
ISBN:  0-76070-863-0

It also talks about radio DF and sub-hunting, etc...


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WETA Channel 26 will air on Tuesday at 2100 hours a 2 hour program on
how the British broke some of the WW II German cryptographic
techniques (including the Enigma machine).

It happens that I attended last month in England a lecture by one of
the curators of Bletchley Park (the place where it all happened) and
he stated that the program, originally a 4 hours program, had had to
be edited down to two hours ( possibly because the American public was
unable to stand a 4 hour program on the subject).

Anyway, Bletchley Park is where the very first computer was built
(before any US computer) and it was a very impressive machine indeed.
At the end of WW II, most of the information about that computer was
destroyed at Churchill's request, so that it would not fall in Soviet
hands.   Bits and pieces of information did survive, and  were
subsequently found (back of envelopes, etc.) and a working replica of
the computer was build and completed last year.

You may want to watch that (to me, fascinating) program, or possibly
record it!

Andre' N4ICK