Tuesday Channel 26 -and Enigma

Bob Foxworth bfoxworth@fortresstech.com
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 16:02:33 -0500

Most people do not know that the NSA operates the National Cryptographic
Museum, which is open to the public. This museum has a couple of examples of
original Enigma machines, along with much other fascinating material that
goes to the not-too distant past. You'll want to time your visit to get
there on a weekday before 1430, to allow a visit to the gift shop where you
can buy caps, sweatshirts with the NSA emblem, other souvenirs, including a
simple MS-DOS encryption program on floppy disk, a nice present for a
teenager you may know. Proceeds go to the "Civilian Welfare Fund
Administration" which I presume - but don't know - is to benefit families of
those lost in the line of duty. There are several emotionally moving
exhibits about such incidents.

It's tricky to find, as you might guess...and marked on the road with a
single small sign.  Head east on Rte 32, heading towards Ft. Meade. Several
miles east of the I-95 intersection. Continue to head east, past the
Balto-Wash Pkwy (295), for another 1000 feet, you'll then see a Shell gas
station on the left (north side of 32). Head into the Shell and go behind
it, to the left edge of the Shell station, there's a road leading back, and
after a couple hundred feet, you'll be at the museum, which is not visible
from the highway. No charge to enter. Allow at least 2 hours to look around.

> Subject:	[Lowfer] RE: Tuesday Channel 26
> Yes, I am all set to tape it this week.  
> There is also an excellent book on the subject entitled:  
> "Seizing the Enigma" by David Kahn
> ISBN:  0-76070-863-0
> It also talks about radio DF and sub-hunting, etc...
> Regards,
> Bill