LF article in Monitoring Times

Shannon Mishey smishey@mishey.com
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 00:38:02 -0500

Not sure how many of you read Monitoring Times, but thought those interested
in LF would find one of this months articles interesting.  The article is
"Homing in on LF Beacons", it starts on page 10 of the November issue, it is
an interesting article about some of the beacons in the US.  Sometimes Grove
puts a few selected articles on their webpage (www.grove-ent.com) for free,
but unfortunately this month, this is not one of them.  However, they do now
offer for something like $20 a year a downloadable PDF file each month of
Monitoring Times, which is neat.  Would be nice if QST offered the PDF
service, I imagine I would have one extra room in the house that was not
filled with old magazines.

Shannon N8TBM