PSK31 vs. CW

Andre' Kesteloot
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 20:45:32 -0500

Interesting.  I thought all along that PSK31 was going to offer an advantage
over CW, but the message below does not appear to support that theory
Andre' N4ICK
Dave wrote:

> Dear all.
> Apologies to all those who wondered what the warbly carrier around 136.2kHz
> was these past few evenings (especially to those I accidentally QRM'd by
> coming up on 136.5 tonight, oops..). It was PSK31 tests with OH1TN, he asked
> me to use the low end of the band as the top end is too noisy over there.
> Tonight we finally made it and the first PSK31 QSO from G/OH was made at
> 2240 on 10/11/99. This is also the longest distance worked on PSK31 on LF,
> about 1800km I think.
> If anyone else wants a go I'd be happy to try but it appears you have to
> have a pretty good CW copy before it will work.
> Reino also says to look out for OH3LYG who is now QRV on CW.
> 73, Dave G3YXM.