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The Enigma program was simply excellent, but then, what else would you
expect from the G.I. Generation?  During program segments where they had CW
going in the background, I almost expected them to be sending the word
"NOVA" in CW or something cute like that.  But it sounded like number/letter
groups from what my rusty CW ear could tell.  If anyone can find access to
the 4 hour version of Enigma, please let us know!

I recall a ham buddy telling me that he was watching an old movie many, many
years ago, possibly a war movie with John Wayne or something.  During part
of the film there was a radio reception scene using CW.  My friend said he
started rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter, because the CW
message was:  "Can you hams copy this?"

Does anyone know what movie this was?

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The program last night on encryption devices was superb.  I had seen an
earlier PBS version that was one hour long instead of two.  That viewing
left out all the reference to four disk devices as well as the use of the
teletype machine, which in my view was even more interesting that the
Enigma machines.

Our local PBS station in Los Angeles will be rerunning the entire two
hours this coming Saturday night at 1800 local time.  Again look for the
listing under NOVA.  Those in the West might have a second chance!  73
Cliff Buttschardt K7RR    Morro Bay, CA

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