FWD: 3 Navy towers gone from skyline

Bob Bruninga bruninga@nadn.navy.mil
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 08:54:53 -0500 (EST)


   Seeing your post, here is what I saw...  I thought the TACO's crowd
would get a kick out of this one...(Posted on the APRSSIG)

Never trust the government (or double check your facts).

This morning at sun rise I went to watch them demolish the first 3 of the
14 very tall NAVY Transmitting Station towers in Annapolis.  I was told
the first one would be the 800 footer and then a few more each week, and
the one with my WB4APR-1 DIGI would be the last (in a few weeks).  THus I
was organizing a working party to remove the antennas, and two 300 foot
runs of 1.25 inch Heliax for sometime next week...

You can imagine the feeling I had while watching the 800 footer through
the binoculars, when it did not move after the initial blast....  But out
of the corener of my eye, I caught site of MY TOWER GOING DOWN!

Well, I guess the good news is that the shed at the base is intact, and it
sure was easier to collect the coax... (Notice the word... "collect")...
The antennas were smashed beyond recognition.   This was a THICK tower.
It was designed to support a 35,000 lb latteral load at the top (It
supported thousands of feet of VERY LOW FREWUENCY MARCONI antenna wire...

So, the oldest APRS digi in the world (since mid 1992) just bit the dirt.
(Oh well, it needed to be upgraded to WIDEn-n ANyway.... Thats been on my
TODO list for 3 years now....


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