[Fwd: LF: GD expedition]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:27:36 -0500

Dave wrote:

> Dear all.
> All being well, we should arrive on the Island around 1730 on Friday and
> will head for the /P location straight away. As it will be dark on arrival,
> it may not be possible to get on the air on Friday evening but we will try.
> I believe David has a sked at 2200hrs so we'll send him up the lighthouse in
> the dark!
> Final (or initial!) aerial work will be done on Saturday morning and we hope
> to be fully operational by mid morning.
> The location is at the Northernmost tip of the island, next to the sea, with
> plenty of space for aerials.
> We will have several receivers and transmitters and fully expect to put out
> a reasonable signal. If all else fails we have a couple of kites!
> QRSS will be available and I believe we will be beaconing from 0100-0400 on
> Sunday morning on 137.71kHz for the benefit of transatlantic listeners!
> After that we'll probably join the "early risers" on CW.
> We hope to be active on the band most waking hours from Friday night until
> about 9am on Monday morning.
> We have a mobile phone +44 976 833 839 for use to arrange skeds. (UK 0976
> 833 839). We will also have other rigs and will keep a listen on the usual
> QSX frequencies.
> All this is subject to "Murphy's law" and may all go horribly wrong! We're
> there just for the LF radio though, so we'll be trying our hardest!
> Please give us a call if you hear us.