[Fwd: LF: GD]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 18:35:35 -0500

Dave G3YXM wrote:

> Dear all.
> We're back safely, but totally exhausted due to a very exciting weekend and
> a 3am (later for the London contingent) arrival home last night.
> The locator, from David's marvellous GPS rx was IO74TJ and the QTH was Point
> of Ayre at the Northern tip of the Isle of Man. I will put some of the story
> and pictures on the website soon.
> The most amazing thing about it was the conditions we seemed to be
> experiencing from the seaside location. I know you all report good tx
> signals with our kite antenna and the "QRP" 100w from the rig in the car,
> but the receive signals were equally amazing. OH1TN blasting in like a
> local, followed by the two SMs, DK8KW at 579! When John G4GVC gave us 10dB
> over 9 on Sunday afternoon, I  took the attenuators out of the receiver so
> that it was on the gain I use at home, and he was 10dB over 9 too! Truly
> reciprocal as we both use the same rx, a TS850. How can I have been
> receiving John better from the Isle of Man than at home in Birmingham, 50km
> away from him??
> The answer lies in the sea I think....
> Thanks to all those who came on especially to work us and apologies to those
> we missed, I think we had about 60 QSOs and worked about 11 countries
> between us. Several stations went for the "worked all GD award" and called
> all three of us, so I'm not sure what the final number of different stations
> was.[...]
> Great fun. Where to next?
> 73, Dave G3YXM.