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Dear Tate,

That's the kind of interest we're looking for. The best way of getting
involved is to join us at our every-Saturday at 12:30 luncheon at Tippy's
Taco House on US Rte 29 in Merrifield. There are usually about 12-16 people
there talking about our projects. Naturally, not everyone is there every
Saturday but there will be a mix of people.

I'll try to give you some information of who to talk to about what.

Microwaves: Elton (Sandy) Sanders, WB5MMB (He's a regularon Saturdays)

Satellites: Mark Kanawati, N4TPY (He's there about every 8 weeks ago, but
he can be reached at home at 703 385 9737. Right at the moment, AMRAD has
no specific plans for more satellites but it's a good project if we can get
critical mass. Mark knows how to build and launch satellites. We have a
team that has produced one, AO-27. What we're lacking is a champion to put
together a project and find the money.

Amateur Digital Modes: AMRAD was responsible for AX.25. Terry Fox, WB4JFI,
was the principal protocol designer. Lately, we've been following
experimentation with digital voice (LPC-10 and MELP) and some of the gang
have some DSP boards. Rob Greene, AE4WI, is our coordinator. We also are
interested in multimedia and need some help in this area. 

If you're interested in pure construction, Terry has a project needing
help... that of assembling surface-mount modules... primarily for HF
frequency synthesizers. (Terry is a regular on Saturdays.)

We've been most active in LF recently. Andre Kesteloot, N4ICK, and Frank
Gentges, K0BRA, are the contacts, both Saturday regulars.

I hope this is a start. Try our website too, which is undergoing some

Paul Rinaldo, W4RI

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>> I am interested I Joining Amrad.  how involved in the technical aspects of
>> the projects are members allowed to get.  I don't just want to pay the
>> and read the newsletter.
>> I am looking to become involved in projects that will teach me more about
>> Amateur Satellites, Amateur Digital Modes and Amateur Microwave and
>> Will Amrad be building anymore satellites.
>> I am a civil Engineer by education and I have a grasp of the basics of
>> electronics.   I am very interested in learning about the high tech side
>> Ham Radio by participating in the design,  construction and implementation
>> of projects.
>> Thanks
>> Tate
>> N3BXZ
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