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For those who might be interested.
de Dave (K9RKH)

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Subject: 2M DSP
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 14:05:01 EST
From: JohnKB3XG@aol.com
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this sounds like it might be fun to play with xg

Subj:    Digital receiver board from National Semiconductor
Date:   12/16/99 4:56:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   PAnderson@VITECH.com (Peter Anderson)
To: JohnKB3XG@aol.com ('JohnKB3XG@aol.com')


Here is one for someone in your group who is into RF
and DSP:

National Semiconductor sells (for $425) an eval board for
RF amplifier, RF ADC and DDC chip set.  The board has two
each is 2-meter RF in (filters can be changed to use it at
HF) and
digital baseband I and Q out (to drive a DSP).  One of
these plus an
input bandpass filter, a DSP eval board, and two pairs of
would make two 2-meter IF receivers.

The board is programmed from a PC

--Pete KC1HR