Yupee !

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 20:15:03 -0500

hello Mitch,
My cheap atlas tells me that you are about 320 miles, or 512 kilometers, from
Front-Royal, Virginia where WA2XTF/12 is located.  We run about 175 watts into a
1600 ft long wire hung about 20 ft over the ground, and terminated into the
ground at both ends. (I am sending you separately the details of the
Kudos, you are, I believe, our farthest DX so far
If you were to use a DSP program such as Hamview, you could read us into the
noise even.
Congratulations on your set-up. As we move intro the winter, the average noise
level should drop and remain good for the next three of four months. Keep in
If you are interested in what we do in LF you can join  <lf@amrad.org> (it is
free of charge !)
and happy Holidays.
Andre' N4ICK
Mitch Powell wrote:

> Hi:
> Thought you would like a reception report from London, Ontario.
> QTH 43N 81.3W   Grid EN92ix
> Time now is 1745 UTC (12:45 EST) and taping WA2XTF/12 while I am typing this
> message. Hearing the signal from the headphones about ten feet across the
> room ( now ho'w that for an old fashioned report !
> Following is message as received "VVV DE WA2XTF/12 QSO N4ICK AT AMRAD.ORG"
> Typical RST 459 to 559 so fine for a solid QSO.
> Receiver Drake R8 (USB) with 0.5 kHz filter, followed by home brew switched
> capacitor filter set at 600 Hz.
> The Drake reads 136.11 kHz with this particular setup.
> Antenna: 12 foot diameter "Octo-loop" using home brew Burhans preamp.
> Located 70 feet from house, in the trees.
> WA2XTF/12 is right at the noise level - but 100% readable. Noise level on
> S-meter is S-3.
> For comparison, LOWFER A30, 182.9 kHz is peaking S-5 on the Drake S-Meter.
> I have taped both stations.
> Would you like the tape ?
> 73   Mitch   VE3OT