Loop question

Paul A. Cianciolo paulc@snet.net
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:02:55 -0500

Hello All

I have built a loop that is made from 2  10' sections of 2" PVC to form the
I have 3' fiberglass spreaders on the ends that are notched at 1" intervals.

The loop self resonates at about 400KC.  and I tune it to the lowfer bands
with variable capacitors.
The loop is very high Q and when  I tune"TUK" at 194KC  I can change the
frequency response of the  audio by tuning the loop above or below the
center carrier even to the point of hearing one side band with a reduced
carrier and distorted  audio.

  My question is that the 2" PVC is not very strong and bends some what
under the stress of the 36 turns of the loop.  It also does not lend itself
well to mounting on a rotor.  I have some very strong aluminum channel that
I could build the loop out of and still use the 3 foot fiberglass spreaders.
Has anyone ever built a loop out of a meterial that was other that non
conductiong?  Would the Q go all to heck?  I could weld up a couple of these
pieces and make a very strong structure for the loop

Any Ideas welcomed ...  Thank you

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