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Andre' Kesteloot
Sat, 25 Dec 1999 00:00:44 -0500

'Geri' Kinzel, DK8KW wrote:

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> I worked nearly 40 stations during the past 50 weekends, which means, that
> I don't really mind if a Slow-CW QSO takes minutes, hours or even a day,
> its the fun that counts. I will try Rik's Diversity Slow-CW next year, not
> to save time but to try something new. I always enjoyed the Slow-CW signals
> slowly passing by on my screan, and even my kids (6 and 9 year old) try to
> identify the signals, as soon as they apprear on the screen, dot by dot,
> dash by dash.
> If I need a good communication link between here and, lets say, OH (my ODX
> QSO so far), I simply change to 80, 40 or 30m, I can operate all bands and
> normal CW up to 30 wpm, or RTTY, or PSK31, or SSTV, I have a 2-element beam
> antenna for 30m and a 3-element for 20m and up ... so working dx around the
> world is no problem ... but I still love LF, its slow, its difficult, its
> challenging, and its a place to relax, meet friendly ops and have a QSO
> besides other activities. That is MY reason, why I love Slow-CW ... and
> still have fun with normal CW-QSOs from time to time.
> Wishing you all a relaxed and peaceful Christmas, and a very happy,
> succesful new year with a lot of QSOs on LF in whatever mode YOU prefer.
> Best 73
> Geri, DK8KW (W1KW)
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