SAQ on 17.2KHz New Year's Day

Andre' Kesteloot
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 21:53:05 -0500

Al Klase wrote:

> The last remaining 200KW Alexanderson alternator, at radio
> station SAQ in Grimeton, Sweden will be on the air January
> 1st and 2nd to celebrate the station's 75th anniversary and
> the beginning of the year 2000.  The CW transmissions are
> scheduled for 1200 UTC on 1 Jan 2000 and 06:00 UTC on 2 Jan
> 2000.  The frequency will be 17.2KHz.
> Radio Station Grimeton is being preserved as an historical
> site, and is (very) occasionally put on the air to celebrate
> special events.  See for
> more information.
> The last time I was aware of SAQ being on the air was May
> 28th, 1998.  That was pretty well into the Summer
> electrical-storm season and I was just barely able to hear
> them at my Western, NJ QTH using a 40" shielded loop, a
> Watkins Johnson 357 receiver, and DSP software on the PC.
> No one else in the US reported hearing them.  This time we
> get a shot at both a daytime and a nighttime path in the
> dead of Winter.  It won't get any better than this, so
> grease up the antennas and be ready to listen New Year's
> morning.
> 73,
> Al
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