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> Dear PACTOR friends,
> a good news at the end of the year is that Eberhard has released
> a new version of his JVCOMM32 program, which is one of the programs
> that can be used for FAX and SSTV operation together with our
> PTC-II(e) units.
> Below you find his description. Thank you very much, Eberhard/DK8JV.
> The program is available from http://www.jvcomm.de. 
> The SCS-PACTOR-Team wishes a ***HAPPY NEW YEAR*** to all of you.
> 73, Martin, DL1ZAM, SCS-PACTOR-Team
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> What's new in version 1.00: (1999-12-24)
> General:
> Significantly improved filters for sound card FAX & SSTV reception.
> Some bugfixes.
> 'program time' can now be toggled between UTC and local time.
> The directories for the saving and loading of FAX and SSTV pictures
> can now be freely chosen.
> In the file open dialogs, there are now buttons for connecting to
> network drives.
> "Frequency table" for the storage of frequently used frequencies
> with the option of setting a receiver's frequency automatically.
> When using the PTC-II, a receiver's frequency can also be set via
> this interface.
> Now, there can be assigned different sound card inputs to the
> different program modes (SSTV, FM-FAX und AM-FAX).
> New command line parameters for controlling JVComm32 in batch
> procedures.
> The sound mixer control can also be disabled by a command line
> parameter, thus enabling operation under Windows NT 4.0 with some
> old sound card drivers.
> Additional .ini files for PTC-II operation: PTCINI, PTCdeINI,
> one can place additional commands for the PTC-II which are executed
> at the startup or termination of JVComm32, or at the startup and
> termination of a specific JVComm32 mode.
> FAX:
> For weak geostationary satellites receiving conditions, the mask
> file/palette assignment can now be determind by a "schedule file"
> instead of the digital header evaluation. (These .sche files have
> the same format as for the old JVFAX program.)
> 'Time overlap' for problem-free reception of weather charts that are
> transmitted with delay.
> 'Merge' -function for combining schedules
> Fully automated generation of cloud movies by date-driven reception
> of geostationary satellites.
> 'Movie Player' for the playback of cloud movies with variable playback
> speed, single picture option and the option of removing "odd" pictures
> from the movie.
> Palette editor for creating and modifying color palettes for LEO
> satellites and for the creation of split palettes for geostationary
> satellites, including contrast and brightness control.
> Pseudo 3-D cloud effect.
> You can now add some text or other lines, etc. to the picture masks.
> (everything that is drawn in white or black on the masks will appear in
> black or white on the received pictures. By this, you can, for example,
> draw the position of your home town onto a picture mask.
> 'Picture merger' for the merging of pictures, e.g. the Meteosat C02/C03
> pictures.
> 'Print inverted' setting in the FAX mode editor, for the problem-free
> automated printing of invertedly received weather charts.
> Rename funktion in the "open picture" window.
> 'Safe' delete: manually deleted pictures are moved to the waste bin.
> 'Date & Time stamp' for FAX pictures.
> The automatic LPM-recognition can now be deactivated for poor receiving
> conditions.
> Pictures received by scheduled reception can now be given either a name
> that is composed of the date and time of reception, or of the name of
> the RX mode plus an autoincrement number.
> Date und time stamps (repeater operation) can now be formatted.
> Optional CW-identification at the end of each transmission.
> Automatic 'QSO-number' for contest operation.
> Auto-TX after RX.
> Pre-selection for transmitting pictures only partly. (good for contest
> operation).
> Rename function in the "open pictures" window.
> 'Safe' delete: manually deleted pictures are now moved to the waste bin.
> Backup-funktion for the catalog which in most cases prevents the catalog
> from getting corrupted when the program hangs.
> 'Rebuild' function for the re-creation of the last received and last
> repeated catalog pages when the catalog file gets corrupted.
> Contrast and brightness control and some more simple picture processing
> features.
> For repeater option, there can now be chosen between different activation
> tone frequencies.
> Added "Outline" text style.
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