LF passive detectors

InEN97@aol.com InEN97@aol.com
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 21:02:25 EST

Yeah, Xtal sets! I see from your page, and Owen's page that I am not alone in 
trying to recreate the days of  LF and diode detection. I am trying to locate 
current info on below MW reception with crystal sets and saw Richard O'neil's 
efforts. So far I have sucessfully and consistantly copied ( i.e. reset the 
receiver "by the numbers" and put on the phones the signal was there) the 
local aero NDB "LW" at a range of abt 2 Mi ( some DX hunh?) and suspect I may 
have copied a couple of others but that is still not clear. I am currently 
using Owen's, WB4LFH, single tuned circuit receiver with an additional tapped 
loading coil and a 85 ft wire antenna, and a ground  with several random 
(100ft or so ) radials. Inverted "L" for 1500KHz is in the works. Any info or 
leads would be appreciated. 73 es gud dx Rob kb8tej