189kHz Rocks...

TK Wood tkwood@pressroom.com
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 22:44:07 -0500

LF enthusiasts:

One of the broadcast stations well heard in Nags Head, North Carolina USA this past weekend was 189kHz.   Lots of music interrupted by occasional announcements and newscasts.   I could identify it as a Nordic language.

According to the 1999 World Radio & TV Handbook this is the recently-established 300kw Rikisutvarpid transmitter at Gufuskalar, Iceland.   If anyone would like to hear the announcers and light rock music you can listen via Real Audio at http://www.ruv.is  .  Just click on the Radio 1 speaker icon and listen to the feed. Not quite the same without fades and static crashes. Sorry but I do not speak Icelandic...

Iceland uses longwave broadcasting to provide a consistent signal to their domestic audience at night while avoiding medium wave skywave interface from Europe.   Hopefully this year, Vadso, Norway will join in on 153 and 216 with 100kw

Recommendation - an internet-capable laptop/cellular telephone combination makes a valuable tool for recognizing LF broadcast stations from Real Audio streams.

TK Wood  K7UO
Sterling VA USA