Dont toss those 486 motherboards yet!!

Terry Fox
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 14:08:29 -0500

After tacos yesterday. I did a little research on fast static RAM
chips.  It seems as though the cache for 386 & 486 motherboards is fast
enough (and static), so we can use them for the digital voice using a TI
DSP project.  Out of three sets of cache chipe I bought at FDM, two were
only 8kx8, but one set had 9 32kx8 chips.  That's good for a start.

If anyone has old 486 motherboards with cache that you dont want
anymore, please look at the cache.  If it's 128k or 256k worth of cache,
it will consiste of either 32kx8 or 64kx8 chips.  We can use a couple
more sets of chips.

I am now laying out a daughterboard that will fit under the TI dsp EVM,
and will carry at least 4 cache chips.  Hopefully, it will not take long
to finish this project.

Let me know if you find any chips.