laptop soundcards ?

Andre' Kesteloot
Sun, 30 Jan 2000 15:39:04 -0500

Frank Gentges wrote:

> Those who have sat through my rantings the past two weeks at tacos
> that I want a good CW filter to go with the LF receiving setup we
> been evolving with the RX320 and spectran.  Tonight I had a chance
> revisit Hamview which is the predicesor of Spectran.  It uses full
> sound card capability to send processed sound out of the analysis
> while at the same time receiving sound from the receiver.

a) What kinds of sound-card are those built in laptops nowadays? Mono
stereo?  My Toshiba 1555  has a stereo "line" input/output plug (which
of course, means nothing)
b) whatever we develop either for LF, or even mobile work in general,
almost   _have_   to be for laptops. Not only are laptops becoming
more and more
powerful, but with increasing noise levels, etc., I would think that
moving your
computer to other locations within the home, and driving to places
where noise
will be minimal (such as parks, mountain tops etc.) will become
c) most modern laptops are essentially bordeline Tempest
d) why would an external box with extra dsp capabilities be less
accptable than
using a stereo card ?