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Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Tue, 01 Feb 2000 17:10:50 -0500

"Wolfgang, Jean, WB3IOS" wrote:

> We are gathering nominations for the technical awards.  If you or you know
> of someone deserving of a nomination, please contact me.  These awards are
> not meant for the "rocket scientist" but rather the ham who fills a need
> (large or small) in ham radio.
> You will find contact information in the last paragraph.
> Thank you for your time.
> Jean,  WB3IOS
> The Technical Service Award
> The annual Technical Service Award is given to a licensed radio amateur
> whose service to the amateur community and/or society is exemplary in the
> area of Amateur Radio technical activities. These include, but are not
> limited to:
> * Leadership or participation in technically-oriented organizational affairs
> at the local or national level.
> * Service as an official ARRL technical volunteer: Technical Advisor,
> Technical Coordinator, Technical Specialist.
> * Communication of technical education and achievements with others through
> articles in Amateur Radio literature or presentations at club meetings,
> hamfests and conventions-this includes encouraging others to do the same.
> * Promotion of technical advances and experimentation at VHF/UHF, with
> specialized modes and work with enthusiasts in these fields.
> * Service as a technical advisor to clubs sponsoring classes to obtain or
> upgrade amateur licenses.
> * Service as a technical advisor to Amateur Radio service providers,
> government and relief agencies establishing emergency-communication
> networks.
> * Aid to amateurs needing specialized technical advice by referral to
> appropriate sources. * Aid local clubs to develop RFI/TVI committees and
> render technical assistance to them as needed.
> * Aid to local technical-program committees to arrange suitable pro-grams
> for ARRL hamfests and conventions.
> Each Technical Service Award winner receives an engraved plaque and travel
> expenses to attend an ARRL convention for the formal award presentation.
> ARRL Technical Innovation Award
> The amateur community has witnessed great technological changes over the
> past 75 years. Amateurs have been at the heart of many advances in the radio
> art. Enduring ARRL policy encourages amateurs to remain at the forefront of
> technological advancement. The ARRL's annual Technical Innovation Award is
> granted to a licensed radio amateur whose accomplishments and contributions
> are most exemplary in the areas of technical research, development and
> application of new ideas and future systems of Amateur Radio. These include,
> but are not limited to:
> * Promotion and development of higher-speed modems and improved packet radio
> protocols.
> * Promotion of personal computers in Amateur Radio applications.
> * Activities to increase efficient use of the amateur spectrum.
> * Work to alleviate long-standing technical problems, such as antenna
> restriction, competition for spectrum and EMC.
> * Digital voice experimentation.
> * Amateur satellite development work to improve portable and mobile
> communication.
> * Improvements in solar, natural and alternative power sources for field
> applications.
> * Practical compressed video transmission systems.
> * Spread-spectrum technology and applications.
> * Technology development to assist disabled amateurs.
> Each Technical Innovation Award winner receives a cash award of $500, an
> engraved plaque and travel expenses to attend an ARRL convention for the
> formal presentation.
> ARRL Microwave Development Award
> The microwave and millimeter bands are great frontiers for amateurs. They
> present amateurs with a vast test area for development of both new and
> traditional modes. The annual ARRL Microwave Development Award is given to
> an amateur individual or group whose accomplishments and contributions are
> exemplary in the area of microwave development. That is, research and
> application of new or refined activity in the amateur microwave bands at 1
> GHz and above. This includes adaptation of new modes in both terrestrial and
> satellite techniques.
> Each Microwave Development Award winner receives an engraved plaque and
> travel expenses to attend an ARRL convention for the formal presentation.
> Nominate Now!
> Count yourself among those who know that technical advancement is not a lost
> ideal in the amateur community. Now is the time to nominate your colleagues
> for one or all of the awards described above! Formal nominations may be made
> by any ARRL member. Submit support information along with the nomination
> document, including endorsements of ARRL affiliated clubs and League
> officials. Nominations should thoroughly document the nominee's record of
> technical service during the previous calendar year. Information concerning
> the character of the nominee should be as complete as possible.
> The ARRL's Amateur Radio Technology Working Group will serve as the award
> panel, review the nominations and select the winners.
> Send nominations to: ARRL Technical Awards, 225 Main St, Newington, CT
> 06111. Nominations must be received at Headquarters by March 31, 2000. Send
> any questions to Headquarters or e-mail jwolfgang@arrl.org.