TI DSP Memory Duaghter Board

Terry Fox tfox@erols.com
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 20:18:06 -0500

I now have all the parts to build at least two of the memory daughter
boards for the TI floating point DSP EVM board.  I have starting
building one, to see how it will work physically.

A question is how much memory is needed to do the digital voice stuff?
I can easily add 32k-words using 4 chips.  Adding 64k-words is also
possible, but the chips use 32-pin sockets and are harder to locate
(chips AND sockets).

Another question is, should I add a socket for an EEPROM, ala the
Motorola EVM?  This could be used to store a boot-loader, or image of a
simple program.  If I need to do this, I will need to add a memory
decoder in addition to the memory chips.  I think it can be done if