Where Megahertz come from

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doc@drscience.com on 02/29/2000 01:30:02 AM

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Dear Doctor Science,
My local radio station is broadcast by megahertz. I would like to know

what these are and where they come from.

-- Kerry Quanbeck from Juneau, AK

Hertz is more than a rental car company, it's a unit of frequency.
Frequent means often, and the megahertz is no exception, giving you
million hertz per second. That's a lot of hertz. You don't have to be
scientist to know that when you say something hurts, it frequently
means it causes pain. Radio is a source of pain to many people. This
where we get the term, "Silence is golden." The hertz itself is
actually silver in color, and originates from a mysterious object in
space called the Hertz Donut. The Hertz Donut can be artificially
replicated in a laboratory, but it's very dangerous. If a scientist
should ever ask you if you want a Hertz Donut, for your own safety,
you'd better say no.

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