AMSAT DC meeting Sunday, April 2 at GSFC Visitors Center

Paul L. Rinaldo
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 07:35:19 -0500



73, Paul, W4RI 

>Subject: [amsat-dc] Announcing Tech Session at AMSAT-DC Meeting April 2
>John Sortor, KB3XG, will talk on WEAK SIGNAL operations and
>equipment at the next AMSAT-DC Meeting and Space Seminar.
>John is a member of "The Packrats" in the Philadelphia PA
>area. Packrat members will staff a "show and tell" table
>with some hardware used in weak signal work. As a main
>attraction, they will host a free TECHNICAL SESSION. This
>session will give *YOU* the opportunity to bring any satellite
>radio equipment to the meeting to have it tested. Technicians
>and their equipment will be on hand to test most types of
>satellite radio equipment for such specs as frequency stability,
>noise floor, gain, deviation and much more. Bring your pre-amp,
>transceiver, transverter, feedline or other gear!
>Important Note: If you plan to bring any equipment to be tested
>you MUST RSVP to Charlie Heisler, K3VDB, no later than March 19
>with equipment make, model number and quantity! Homebrew stuff
>too. Because of time restraints the tech session will run
>concurrent with the meeting, at a TBD location outside our
>meeting room.
>There's more! Jerry Rodski, K3MKZ, from SSB Electronics will
>talk on P3D satellite radio equipment. Jerry will have a show
>and tell table of the latest and greatest UHF and microwave
>stuff from SSB Electronics. We are told this will be
>informative and resemble more of a tutorial than a sales pitch.
>Jerry might also assist in the Tech Session with his expertise
>and test equipment.
>Charlie Heisler, K3VDB
>Phone: 717-244-2212 (may leave message)
>FAX: 717-246-8863
>E-mail: or
>A note from one of your local AMSAT Area Coordinators (MDC
>area) ...
>Hi! We are looking forward to the best local AMSAT-DC Meeting
>and Space Seminar to date on Sunday afternoon, April 2, 2000.
>Today's message gives one a first peek at our developing agenda
>for the great day!
>The idea of the Technical Session came from Charlie, K3VDB. He
>is following up by acting as the P.O.C. on this item for us.
>Any questions, comments and suggestions here should go directly
>to Charlie. (Thanks for heading up this part, Charlie!)
>Please take the RSVP note seriously. Woe to he who RSVPs late,
>improperly or not at all. (He may not get his equipment done
>or, at best, may be placed at the end of the line.) The purpose
>of the RSVP is two-fold. The test team is coming a long way to
>provide the service, so our response or lack of response through
>Charlie will tell them whether they should attend in the first
>place. And second, when coming, the response tells them exactly
>what test equipment they need to haul down here. I think the
>RSVP ground rules is a fair price to pay (and a proper courtesy)
>for the wonderful service the Packrats are offering. 'Nuff said.
>See you there!