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David W. Borden dborden@gvtc.com
Sun, 02 Apr 2000 17:04:50 -0400

Subject: News From Lake Canyon

Canyon Lake:=A0 Where the men just don't get i= t, the women have had it all along, the children all try to get away with major crime and the cats are in charge.=A0 (I was going to apologize to Garrison Keller, but why?=A0 I'll just rip him off.=A0 Remember, imitation i= s the sincerest form of flattery)
Hi All,
=A0 Well the Bordens spent last week getting the house ready for sale.=A0 It was a lot of work.=A0 Deborah worked continuously except for the times instructing David what to scrub, paint, mud, tape, wipe, replace,screw, rivit, nail, or scape next.=A0 We (David, Deborah, and one very mad cat - Chaplan) finally got out of the house and on the road Thursday about 5PM.=A0 I will spare you the story of how Chaplan got into the cage.=A0 It was not pretty.=A0 We drove a while and collapsed in some motel.=A0 We called the realtor ladies' answering machine and told her to place the house on the market on Friday.=A0 She had already put the new computerized lockbox on the house that day.=A0 The kids promised to mow the lawn on Saturday.=A0 We expected to get a house sale nibble in maybe a week or so.
=A0 After driving forever, with one mor= e motel stop, we arrived in Texas on Saturday afternoon.=A0 This was when I was reminded that Texas is b i g.=A0 We were not home yet.=A0 We entered Texas in the North East corner and had to travel to below the capital, Austin.=A0 Of course as with all trips to Texas, storms and tornados were forcast.=A0 Sure enough around Austin we are attacked by hail, rain, and continuous lightning.=A0 We hid under an overpass and waited it out.=A0 The cat was not amused (neither were we). I am talking
from my car to Deborah's car with walkie talkies but Deborah is not responding much.=A0 I find out this is because she is on the cellphone with realtor lady who has three contracts in hand and a fourth due Saturday morning.=A0 The kids report while they were trying to clear out of the yard after mowing, three couples saw the house.=A0 The second couple loved it and the third couple were planning adding a two car garage and putting new siding on the house.=A0 Wow, Harry Kaye had said that the house would sell in hours, not weeks.=A0 He was right.=A0 I thought y'all would be interested in house markets in the MD-VA-DC area.=A0 You know it is a seller's market, but you ain't seen nothin yet!
=A0 So it is Sunday and realtor reports= we now have five contracts (remember, the house went on the MLS computer on Friday morning).=A0 Our asking price was 275K, here are the bidders:
#1 307K
20%down, 7K at closing
No loan qualification furnished
Comment - Nice high price but no proof this couple has the ability to borrow.=A0 Negative on this one.
#2 285K
2nd Trust 15%
They pre-qualify for the first and second
But, they want Home Inspection and Radon Inspection (VA law requires termite and septic check)
Comment - Nice price and good proof of borrowing, but don't need Inspections followed by costly repairs.=A0 Negative on this one.
#3 280K
Borrowing 224K at 8-8.5%.=A0
Lender provided letter stating they have qualified, no problem.
28 April settlement
Comment - This is the one.=A0 No contingencies (we had to swear we did not know there was any lead based paint in the house).
Positive on this one.=A0 Realtor faxed the contract.=A0 We signed in 6 places, initial in 14 places and faxed it back.=A0 New neighbor Rich (a surveyor) let us use his fax machine.=A0 Thanks Rich!
#4 275K
28 April settlement
Wants Home Inspection and Radon check
Comment - Do not need home inspections and radon checks.=A0 This leads to more repairs.=A0 Negative on this one.
#5 275K
15 May settlement
140K down
Wants Home Inspection
No proof of borrowing ability, but promised today for sure.
Comment - Do not need home inspections.=A0 Borrowing proof is too late.=A0 Lowest price.=A0 Negative on this one.
=A0=A0=A0 Note there are some choices h= ere.=A0 We could wait a few days to see if some more offers dribble in after Sunday showing.=A0 Life is full of trade offs.=A0 We went with offer number 3.
=A0=A0=A0 So we are now waiting for the= moving truck which arrives Monday at 10AM.=A0 Deborah and I will then try to shove the contents of a very large house into the space of a small house.=A0 I will go into work on Tuesday and continue programming and documenting on my mapping job.=A0 Also need to help prepare response to the new ETSS task that was issued after the last one was called back.
=A0=A0=A0=A0 And that's the news from C= anyon Lake.=A0 Canyon Lake is sorta half way between Austin and San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country.=A0 It is noted for tubing (riding down the river in a big truck inner tube) on the Guadalupe River and boating/fishing on the lake.=A0 Other local places of note are New Brunsfels, Wimberely, San Marcos, and Greune.=A0 I don't think they spoke English around here until 1945 (just German).....david and deborah