Fw: We would like to send your Club a free copy of Ham University

Randy Mays randy@pobox.com
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 02:08:26 -0400

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From: Mike Crick (Zapadu) <mica@crick.com>
To: Randall A. Mays (W6RAM) <w6ram@amrad.org>
Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2000 11:42 PM
Subject: We would like to send your Club a free copy of Ham University

> Hi Randall,
> Ham University has a great new "Clubs Plan" for all US Amateur Radio
> Special Club Members Pricing (up to 50% off)
> A Free copy for your club
> A Free copy for your instructor (if you hold classes)
> A Free Giveaway copy for your HamFest
> (Free versions are for Win95/98 unless requested otherwise)
> .. and all you have to do is help us advertise.
> Some clubs have asked us for cash to place ads on their Website page or in
their Newsletter.  This raises so many questions (how big, where, what, how
many copies, how many members get it) that computing a fair price costs too
much time.  So, instead, we decided the fairest way was to 'pay' the club
members each time they order by giving them deep discounts (up to 50% off)
over our website price and the regular retail price.
> Here's the deal.  (1) Take a copy of the "DownLoad Free Demo" banner above
and put it on your Club's main page.  (2) Then fill in the form at our Clubs
Page (http://crick.com/hamu/clubs.html) so we can add you to our database.
When that is done, we will immediately send your club a free copy of Ham
> Then, one month before your HamFest, remind us to send you a copy which
you can use as a raffle giveaway at your HamFest.  We also send an 8 1/2 x
11 fact sheet which we like you copy and distribute.
> Michael F. C. Crick (mica@crick.com) at MICA
> MICA is a family company located at 2845 - 140th Avenue NE, Seattle WA
whose main products are Ham University and WordZap (The Action Word Game!).
Michael Crick is a veteran programmer who previously worked on the
development of Microsoft Windows, Word, Help, Access, Encarta, and the
Internet -- and also authored several popular computer games.
> If you are prone to regard our Press Release as so much of the dreaded
'spam', we are sorry -- and will be just as happy as you are to never send
you email again.  Please forward this email to remove@crick.com.  Other
methods may work -- but we guarantee *not* to remove you if we can't figure
out who you are.  If you think this email would have been better addressed
to another member of your club, please let us know at mica@crick.com.