Reminder/call for papers
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 17:12:10 -0400


This is to remind you that it's time to contribute papers to the AMRAD Technical Symposium. For your convenience, here's the Call for Papers

AMRAD Technical Symposium
June 17, 2000
The Quality Inn Governor
6650 Arlington Boulevard (Near 7 Corners)
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Papers are sought for the all-day, June 17, 2000 AMRAD Technical Symposium on current, future and retrospective Amateur Radio and telecommunications technology. Subjects of interest include:

Low frequencies (transmitting, receiving, lessons from experiments)
Digital signal processing/software defined radios
Multimedia (convergence of digital voice, image, data) 
Packet radio/higher speeds/Internet interconnection
Spread spectrum (Where do we go from here with new FCC rules?)
Small amateur satellites (AMRAD-OSCAR-27 and beyond)
Amateur Packet Reporting System (APRS)
Telecommunications for the disabled
Microwaves and millimeter waves (terrestrial/satellite)

Paper deadline: May 27, 2000 in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect to Proceedings will be published.  

For further information, please contact:

Paul Rinaldo, W4RI or 
George Lemaster, WB5OYP