Earth contact resistance

Andre' Kesteloot
Wed, 03 May 2000 07:35:51 -0400

Alan Melia wrote:

> Hi all, I have noted again from Peter's description of the Tesla experiments
> at the Museum, and from John's Earth Wireless web site, that the addition of
> several pounds (or kgms) of common salt (and water) seems to be a usual way
> of improving the contact resistance beween earth rods and the surrounding
> ground. It occurs to me that those with an enviromental approach or just
> those who are keen gardeners (I note the reluctant pruning near the
> aerials!) might not wish to blight their garden with large quantities of
> sodium chloride. I have seen somewhere in radio literature that Gypsum is
> almost as good in the electrical parameters and is actually beneficial
> horticulturally. It is much less soluble than salt and for the same effect
> will not need quite so many repeated treatments (It may not yield quite such
> a low resistance). I suspect its worth a try as Gypsum ( Calcuim Sulphate)
> is available from most Garden Centres.
> "I am just top dressing the lawn dear...."      when decreasing the
> resistance of the earth-mat you surreptitiously buried under
> it.............. It could just be worth an extra helping of chocolate fudge!
> Cheers de Alan G3NYK