Good Deals

Randy Mays
Mon, 8 May 2000 01:34:27 -0400


    Some friends out in Montana are getting into the ham radio business more
and more.  These are the ones with the Clear Speech speaker and some other
audio processing products, an antenna controller, etc.  The Web site is  They just bought out a small dealer's stock
over in Washington state and have some good deal prices on new equipment.
If there's something you're looking for, let them know.  They are also
always interested in new product ideas.

    I do not receive a commission on any of this (although that would be a
nice gesture, now that I think about it...).

    Different subject:  for those of us who worked with Radio Teletype
(RTTY) for many years, the new PSK 31 mode and the Sound Blaster demod
programs are incredible.  There are two programs on the Internet worth a
look:  DigiPan and TrueTTY.  Both are easy to find and dowload.  DigiPan
provide a 3 kHz audio passband "waterfall" display.  TrueTTY has a spectrum
display of the receive audio and you just move the receiver to overlay the
FSK signals on a couple of tuning marks and it starts copying; even has an
oscillograph.  Incredible stuff when I remember what we used to have to do,
and build, to get good results on RTTY.

    Dayton will be here Real Soon.