Good Deals

Andre' Kesteloot
Mon, 08 May 2000 22:10:56 -0400

Randy Mays wrote:

> [...]
>     Different subject:  for those of us who worked with Radio Teletype
> (RTTY) for many years, the new PSK 31 mode and the Sound Blaster demod
> programs are incredible.  There are two programs on the Internet worth a
> look:  DigiPan and TrueTTY.  Both are easy to find and dowload.  DigiPan
> provide a 3 kHz audio passband "waterfall" display.  TrueTTY has a spectrum
> display of the receive audio and you just move the receiver to overlay the
> FSK signals on a couple of tuning marks and it starts copying; even has an
> oscillograph.

hello Randy (and others),
If you haven't tried yet "WINPSK", give it a try. I find it even more practical
than the two other programs you mentioned.  Matter of taste of course.