Andre' Kesteloot
Wed, 10 May 2000 07:48:53 -0400

Hello Randy,
See QEX, May/June 2000, pp. 13-22
Also note that there is "bpsk" option in PSK31 that greatly enhances

Randy Mays wrote:

> Hi,     Here is a question from a friend in Los Angeles...     "I'll
> bet you can answer me a 'technical question' re PSK31 that nobody
> seems to know! Of all the digital modes, which is best for long-haul
> DX
> S/N performance? I'd bet that PSK31 falls apart after some fixed
> distance
> due to phase distortion in the propagation path, such as long-paths or
> paths over the poles, yes? For brute-force best S/N over such paths,
> which digital mode would work best? I had liked PSK31 for its tiny BW,
> but the phase probably kills it. Whats preferrable when using HF or
> 6-meters? Any advise you can give would be greatly appreciated!"
> What's the answer?? Thanks. Randy