[Fwd: LF: DDS Board - Anyone interested ?]

Terry Fox tfox@erols.com
Fri, 26 May 2000 18:35:38 -0400

There are already a couple boards out there using the 9850.  I think there was one
in QEX a couple years ago, complete with software.  It used a 9850, PIC, shaft
encoder, etc., and looked a lot like the kit from the guy in Gaithursburg, MD.

I'm not suggesting another design wouldn't be a good idea, and am all for more

Andre' Kesteloot wrote:

> Talbot Andrew wrote:
> > I am considering bulk manufacture of a Printed Circuit Board for the
> > AD9850 DDS chip.  The design has already been tested and includes the
> > DDS, output filter, voltage regulator and a 16F84 PIC.  Resident
> > software allows the DDS source to be controlled over an RS232 link from
> > a PC with ASCII commands.  This allows for control from a simple
> > terminal programme as well as custom software for PSK/ FSK etc.   There
> > is no reason why different PIC software can't be used for keyboard /
> > rotary encoder etc.   Mostly surface mount (large 1206 components
> > though)  but conventional PIC in a socket for easy firmware changes.
> >
> > If there is enough interest I will go ahead with a PCB order.  It is
> > possible a company (see   WWW.HF-INST.CO.UK  ) may take the design on
> > board and market as a complete signal source, but for now I will just
> > get PCBs made if enough interest is shown.  Not sure of the price, it
> > depends on such things as quantity, how many plated through holes,
> > delivery timescales and probably the phase of the Moon !
> >
> > The DDS can be clocked with any frequency source desired.   For LF I use
> > a 5MHz input derived from a master reference which allows outputs up to
> > 1.7 MHz with 0.001 Hz resolution, but any clock up to 120MHz (40 MHz
> > maximum output) is useable.
> >
> > Anyone interested, please let me know so I can get an idea of whether it
> > is worth going ahead with a commercial run.
> >
> > Andy  G4JNT
> >
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