AMRAD 17 June meeting

David Rogers
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 15:43:12 -0400


After our discussion at the AMRAD Technical Symposium yesterday, I went
throught all the 6-GHz equipment here.  It belongs to AMRAD (except for
a small portion of my own, not on the list).  This equipment came from a
former telephone microwave site which we dismantled several years ago;
it has been sitting in my garage for some time, and now it is time to
get it into use.  The stipulation is that it is available to AMRAD
members first, then Washington area microwave types (Jack & Jim), then
PA crowd.  Other stipluation is that it is to be used, i.e., use it to
build something and get it on the air this summer.

I have broken it into some groupings, maybe not terribly logical, but
should help sort it out.

Wave Guide WR-159 (4.9-7.05 GHz): made by NEC, mostly of aluminum which
means it cannot be soldered, and only limited working

Wave Guide WR-159: 11 straight pieces, 1.125 to 36" in length

Wave Guide WR-159 filters: 2 each 7.5" 5-pole, 1 each 10.5" 7-pole, 5

Circulators: 12 3-port circulators/isolators, 6 port dummy loads

2 each SMA-to-WR-159
1 each SMA attenuator (unk db) to WR-159
5 each WR-159-to-WR-137 tuned WG transitions

Bricks: there are 4 each 6-GHz bricks available.  With the bricks came
11 power supplies, 5 regulators, and 6 input-level (pots) adjustments. 
The source voltage was either 28 or 48 volts, whatever was in those
telephone sites.  The power supply stuff is probably of limited
interest, and is probably the hard way to power the bricks; free to
whomever wants it unless someone specifically wants it for a brick; they
have first choice.

Wave Guide WR-137 (5.85-8.20 GHz): all this wave guide is made of
copper, and thus can be worked easily; the only question is can this be
used at 5760 MHz without too great loss; my thought is that it can, but
I would appreciate feedback from anyone that can confirm or deny that.

Wave Guide 137: 13-15 pieces straight from 2.25" to 24"

Wave Guide filters: 5 each 11-pole filters; brackets f/u/w filters

Circulators: 15 circulators (aluminum) tuned to 5925-6425, but could be

8 each WR-137 dummy loads

5 each SMA-to-WR-137
6 each N-to-WR-137
Note the 5 each WR-159-to-WR-137 tuned WG transitions mentioned above

Additional transitions consist of 13 each 90-degree h-bends, 2 each
90-degree h-bends with 6" flex, and 12 pieces of flex wg ranging in
length from 4" to 8"

There are also numerous pieces of Andrews copper WR-137, in various
configurations, available to whomever can use it.

In addition to this stuff above, there are other pieces of microwave RF
equipment that was the original equipment from the site.  Unknown how
useful it will be to anyone, but is available to anyone who wants to put
it on the air.
5 each IF pre-amp units, TNC-to-WR-137 transition
6 each transmitter units, consisting of mixer-driver, IF phase
equaliser, looking for 70-MHz osc. Various polarisation and wave guide
transitions included, some 90-degree transitions.
miscellaneous pieces: RF driver switch, IF filter variable equaliser,
mixer-driver, IF bridging amplifier, IF phase equaliser, IF amplifier.

That is about it for the available 6-GHz stuff.  Anyone who wants
anything, email me at, so that everyone can
exchange intended use, hints, etc.
Dave (K9RKH) wrote:
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