Symposium & Ramblings

Terry Fox
Sun, 18 Jun 2000 12:06:28 -0400

I would like to offer George a very public thank you for making this
weekend's events such a success!  The papers were all very interesting
(and challenging).  The dinner was a fun time.  Dale Hatfield's comments
were thought-provoking.  Trying to copy the morse code from the light
dimmer was not making my sickness any better though (hi).

In addition, I would like to thank Paul, Andre, Frank, and the others
that helped George make these events a success.  George did most of the
work,  but several of you were also very important in making it a
"winning" event.

Thank you all for the award.  I was totally surprised!  I wish I was
feeling better and could have shared more why I think AMRAD is one of
those rare organizations that are so important.  Paul touched on the "no
Roberts Rules" aspect, which I think is so important.  More important,
however, is that while we all come from different jobs and backgrounds,
we support each other and play off each other's ideas.  None of us holds
back to "own" an idea or project.  AMRAD is like the professional "think
tanks" where ideas, designs, and systems are nurtured and grow into
full-blown projects.  All this without anyone being paid!!

As we move into the next 25 years, and next millenuim (in 2001), I hope
this spirit within AMRAD continues and grows.  To me, the Internet may
have reduced the importance of 2 meter repeaters and some HF, but the
basis for AMRAD is not on-air operation, but rather a thought-provking
look at evolving communication technology, with some fun along the way.

Again, thank you all.  I don't get mushy very often, but I am very proud
to have you as my friends.