Directions to SAQ party

Nan and Sandy Sanders
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 23:18:17 -0400

 The party will be at 38 59 06 N 078 00 00 W. Take I66 West to the Front 
Royal / Linden exit left at bottom of ramp to Rt. 55 left on Rt 55 to 
Freezeland rd follow Freezeland rd to the top be sure to take the switch 
back ( almost 180 degrees) not go straight. Go past the end of the pavement 
and past the radio towers. You will be on a fairly wide dirt road. At some 
point past the towers (I have not figured mileage)  the nice wide dirt road 
will make a hard left. Do not turn. Go straight on to the narrow dirt road. 
If you find your self going down hill you probably turned left. We will be 
on the right in a parking for the G Richard Thompson Wildlife Management 
Area that has a good view to the East. There are several lots but this one 
has the most open area around it.
 I will try to get there an hour or two before sunset to string wire.
 Final plans will be worked out a Tacos.