[Fwd: DDS board]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 03 Jul 2000 19:04:18 -0400

Talbot Andrew wrote:

> The DDS boards have now been manufactured.  AD9850 ICs are currently
> being fitted and should be available in a few days, so orders can now be
> placed.
> Bare PCBs for those who want to install their own chips are available
> for 8.00 from HF Instruments.  Their web address is WWW.HF-INST.CO.UK
> and the page will be updated very soon to include the DDS board data.
> Programmed PICs for the straightforward ASCII text based command
> interface can be made available for anyone who wants them, otherwise PIC
> assembly / hex code is available for programming your own.
> Prices for chips mounted on the board as as follows :
> > PCBs fitted with AD9850 chip will be available 7th July. Prices are:
> > 40.00 for one.
> > 38.00 for 2 to 4.
> > 36.00 for 5 to 10
> > 34.00 for 10+
> >
> We introduced the bulk order discounts for the likes of TAPR etc who may
> care to distribute.
> My software (DOS) for generating narrow band SMT Hell is free on request
> for anyone who purchases one of these boards, also an early not fully
> tested version of a SLOWCW / DFCW prog.  Both these software communicate
> via ASCII Text commands to the DDS module.  The source code can be used
> as reference material for anyone who wants to produce their own driving
> code
> Andy  G4JNT
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