Nan and Sandy Sanders
Sun, 2 Jul 2000 18:06:39 -0400

 AMRAD members Frank, George, Shannon and Sandy went to our favorite remote 
parking lot 60 miles West of Washington DC with 3 VLF receivers and 
antennas. We received nothing at the 08:30 08:45 UTC slot. At about 12:15 
UTC we started hearing a CW signal. The QRN levels were so high we were 
unable to copy more than a few letters at a time of the message. Two of the 
three receivers were able to hear the signal including the W.W.II vet 
RBA-1. A recording was made and we will try to copy more of the message 
from the tape and will post sample wave files on AMRAD.ORG after we recover 
from lost sleep and the July 4th holiday.