[Fwd: Help - Naval Academy ham radio club in danger]

Frank Gentges fgentges@mindspring.com
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 22:54:48 -0400

Looks like the Naval Academy is going to close the ham station there. 
Looks like the towers at NSS were just the start.

Frank K0BRA

K3for wrote:
> Help!
> I am looking for other Naval Academy graduates or US Naval personnel who can
> assist me in saving the amateur radio club at USNA.
> I have been the officer rep for the past 2.5 years, but a decision was just
> made in the past 48 hours (over the summer while the mids are conveniently out
> at summer training or on leave) without notice or discussion, to disestablish
> the station W3ADO (also Navy MARS station NNN0NNN).  Perceived lack of
> participation, lack of knowledge of our various missions and accomplishments
> ("oh, ham radio is dead..."), and funding probably played a role.
> Mailing address for support letters:
> Captain Sam Locklear, USN
> Commandant of Midshipmen
> 101 Buchanan Road
> US Naval Academy
> Annapolis, MD 21402
> cc me at:
> Ryan "Skip" Johnson
> 510 Norton Lane
> Arnold, MD 21012
> k3for@aol.com
> if you can
> Or if you can't write a letter, please email me something and I will forward it
> to the Deputy Commandant by email.
> Thank you !  I only hope its not too late -- I have to run down there and see
> if they've thrown out the gear already...
> 73's
> Skip/K3FOR
> Annapolis

Frank Gentges 
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